About Jenn

Image of Jenn Rahe outdoors

I am deeply familiar with the demands and rewards of a busy career and personal life. As a mother, wife, corporate life coach and volunteer mentor, I understand the feeling of being pulled in a dozen different directions every day. Having defined my own rules for creating and maintaining a balanced life, it was a natural transition to become a professional coach and help others build a life in which at the end of the day they feel accomplished in their career and present with their family. 

Every day I get to experience the privilege of walking alongside driven individuals as they define their own rules and blaze a new and exciting path for themselves. To know that my coaching practice is an integral part in setting this kind of success in motion is rewarding beyond measure. 

If you're interested in finding and sustaining healthy balance in your life, I'd love to help! Read more about my services, or contact me directly with the form below. I look forward to meeting you. 

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