What Clients are Saying About Jenn


Jeff Czernicki

“Jenn was of great assistance to me when I was looking for guidance through living up to my values. The results gained were immediate as my energy toward achieving my goals were significantly enhanced. I found my coaching experience with Jenn impactful and rewarding.”

Klisa Lange

“The benefits received through working with Jenn, have surmounted to an overall increase of my value as a person and professional. And has allowed me to develop driven results with safe, open communication.”

Sidney Beck

“I had a great experience working with Jenn. The whole process gave me a very refreshing point of view and Jenn was really invested in helping me through everything. I would highly recommend working with her to anyone!"

Denise Blanchard

“Jenn is a very intuitive and supportive Core Energy coach that I have had the pleasure to work with recently. Her demeanor is very positive and supportive, yet she knows when to nudge to help her clients grow into the best version of themselves. I highly recommend working with Jenn as a life coach!”


"I had a great experience with Jenn’s coaching sessions.  The sessions were very customizable and she tailor-focused them on the areas we discussed.  She has a unique ability to frame things in different ways to generate new solutions or ideas.  I really appreciated her approach and found my time with her to be invaluable."


It was a great help and encouragement to have Jenn coach me over a number of weeks.  On one of our scheduled sessions I clearly remember is a time I called with an unexpected crisis.  The crisis I was experiencing was something that had just happened and Jenn was more than able to address this situation.  I could not believe how well Jenn was able to help me bring this crisis under control.  If you are looking for a coach I would highly recommend allowing Jenn the opportunity to be the coach for you.


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